Valle de Bravo has one of the most privileged views of the Valley of Mexico, a characteristic that, together with a pronounced slope in the terrain, marked the principles of the design process.

As a consequence, the 3 levels of the house were terraced to take advantage of the slope. This reduced the number of retaining walls, the depth of the foundations, and the depth of the structural elements.

The access has a loft that becomes a viewpoint to the lake, framing it.

The ground floor, where all the public spaces are located, also has a view of the lake and opens onto a terrace and garden. Finally, the rooms have a large central patio full of vegetation that allows natural light to enter most of the day and gives them a feeling of spaciousness and tranquility in the pure style of Mexican colonial patios.

Model by Taller Cuatro Cuartos









Valle de Bravo. Edo. de México
2021 - 2022