Casas las Cruces en Gooood
Casa las Cruces en Glocal Design Magazine

Las Cruces House in Glocal Design Magazine

"Using a color scheme of natural materials and finishes, the Sergio Portillo ASP Architecture workshop manages to integrate two residences –one pre-existing and the other newly built– in the natural context of Valle de Bravo."

August 2020

Viñedo El Pedregal en The Best New Architects
PH Cortés en Glocal Design Magazine

PH Cortes in Glocal Design Magazine

"Apparent concrete and lacquered carpentry create a sensory experience in PH Cortés, located in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Mexico City." -Glocal Design Magazine

April 2020

Casa las Cruces en revista impresa Ambientes
PH Cortés en Design Hunter

PH Cortes in Design Hunter


"Our architecture is like a blank canvas that clients finish dressing with its essence and taste", Arch. Sergio Portillo

April 2020

Viñedo "El Pedregal" en Moool Design
PH Cortés en Home Adore

PH Cortés in Home Adore

"This amazing split-level penthouse apartment located in Mexico City, Mexico, has been designed in 2019 by ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo."

January 2020

Viñedo " El Pedregal" en Design Raid
Casa las Cruces en DECOR Brasil
Viñedo "El Pedregal" en Urbana
PH Cortés en Design Milk
Casa Las Cruces en Archello

Las Cruces House in Archello

"Spacious living rooms, warm kitchens, terraces and balconies to showcase the view, and multiple bedrooms to enjoy weekends with the family are just some of the elements that make up Casa Las Cruces..."

December 2019

Architecture Master Prize 2019
Casa Cumbres en CHIC HAUS

Cumbres House in CHIC HAUS


"After following the trend of an architecture of contrasts, where exterior seriousness disappears when crossing with a lively and dynamic interior, this Mexican living materializes." -Chic Haus

July 19th, 2018

Maceta Trito en MOCO LOCO
Maceta Trito en Glocal Design Magazine

Trito Pot in Glocal Design Magazine


"Designed by Sergio Portillo, Trito is a line of pots that alludes to the term" tritostyle ", normally used in columns of the Mexican Baroque."

July 9th, 2018

Maceta Trito DIS-UP!
ASP en el anuario de México Design Elementales.
Casa Cumbres en   MÉXICO DESIGN
Villa Jardín gana el premio AAP

Villa Jardín wins the AAP


On October 27 Sergio Portillo received this year´s "The American Architecture Prize" for the Villa Jardín project that won in the Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Design category. The winners cocktail took place at the New Museum in New York City.

November 7 2017

Casa Cumbres en la revista oriental gooood
American Architecture Prize 2017
Casa Cumbres en Domus Italia

Cumbres House in Domus Italy

"For the Cumbres House in Mexico City, ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo used the removed soil to produce compressed earth blocks, thus creating a rooted sense of belonging." -Domus

August 28th 2017

Villa Jardín en Architizer
Casa Cumbres en Dezeen
Sergio Portillo en el programa Elementos

Sergio Portillo in the program Elements


Transmission of the program Elements Collective Design of Radio Architecture where Sergio Portillo talks about his career, the foundation of ASP and what is being done.


July 19th 2017

CASA CUMBRES en revista Domus ACC no. 037
Casa Cumbres en Revista Código
Premio Firenze Entremuros

Firenze Entremuros Prize

On Thursday, June 15, we attended the cocktail party organized by Grupo Reforma, where the finalists of the first edition of the Firenze Entremuros prize were announced.

Our project "Casa Cumbres" is one of the ten finalists in the category "Best Family Residence"


June 19, 2017

Villa Jardín en revista Muros
Villa Jardín en revista Entremuros
Entrevista para la final de 10 DESPACHOS 2017


ASP Architecture Sergio Portillo is one of the finalist signatures of mexican architecture for the magazine Obras in its edition 10 Despachos 2017.


February 7th 2017